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Raising Productivity and Inventory Accuracy for Field Engineers with Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform

05 Jun 2024
Maintenance Theatre

Graeme Chilvers, UK Tinting Services Manager at AkzoNobel, reveals how the company transformed its supply chain and field service operations with a mobile, connected worker platform.  

AkzoNobel offers comprehensive tinting solutions for various industries and specialises in providing customised colour matching. However, AkzoNobel was facing productivity and inventory management accuracy issues with traditional manual processes.  

AkzoNobel has implemented Innovapptive’s solution integrated with SAP across its European tinting operations for inventory and work order management and realized the following benefits:

  • Streamlined administrative tasks and increased productivity for field engineers
  • Provided real-time data updates and spare parts reordering
  • Enabled Engineers to spend more time in the field servicing customers
  • Improved inventory accuracy and reduced stockouts

Overall, the implementation of Innovappptive connected worker solutions has empowered frontline workers and enhanced operational unity through shared visibility and data. Join us to learn more about AkzoNobel’s journey with Innovapptive and the benefits achieved.

Graeme Chilvers, UK Tinting Services Manager - AkzoNobel
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