SMEW 2024


Simplifying complex sales amidst tight budgets, challenging markets and competition

05 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre
In today's fiercely competitive landscape, manufacturing professionals face mounting pressure to drive sales despite tightening budgets, challenging market conditions, less and less customer face time, and increased complexity across products, solutions, and the entire sales cycle.

This presentation offers practical advice and case study examples on how to quickly, succinctly, and visually articulate value and capabilities during customer conversations, wherever they occur - online, remote, face-to-face or through self-serve tools.

Businesses and sales teams can easily differentiate themselves from competitors by clearly articulating how products and services address specific pain points and deliver tangible value.

Embracing a consultative approach is crucial. Rather than focusing solely on closing sales, professionals should prioritise understanding each customer's unique needs and challenges, helping them make sense of their requirements, and guiding them through the vast array of information available to them.

Furthermore, by leveraging easily accessible technology, visual storytelling techniques, data, insights, AI and interactive content, professionals can more easily anticipate customer needs, personalise their approach, be more memorable and ultimately increase the effectiveness of their sales conversations.

By implementing these strategies and others, manufacturing professionals can strengthen customer relationships and foster sustainable business growth, even in the face of fierce competition and economic uncertainties.
Damjan Haylor, CEO - POPcomms
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