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How simulation based digital twins can drive sustainability in industry

05 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre

Meeting sustainability goals is one of the biggest challenges facing our industrial clients today. The need, and desire, to create greener and more sustainable businesses, while still achieving targets and keeping costs low is a constant challenge, and one that is hard to get right.

In this session Digital Twin and Simulation experts from Royal HaskoningDHV will discuss the challenges faced by industrial clients and how combining technologies can bring value to clients as they try to navigate an endless number of possibilities to achieve their goals.

For many the starting point is wanting a digital twin but not really knowing what that means.

Digital twins are dynamic virtual representations of your physical assets, processes or systems and provide the data integration and visibility layer, enabling many new use cases including AI, Machine Learning and Simulation. The digital twin encompasses a range of these technologies to optimise the business, drive stakeholder engagement, life cycle planning and much more. 

Connected to the digital twin is predictive simulation, giving you have a virtual model of your assets, operations and processes to test, validate and experiment with ‘what-if’ scenarios. That way, you can replicate real-life business problems and experiment with them in a risk free virtual environment, giving confidence in the decisions being made in the real world.

Be sure to check out this session and visit stand 4-P70 to discuss digital twins and simulation further.

Ben Lomax Thorpe, Global Leading Professional - Digital Twins
Darren Travers, Business Development Director Industry - Twinn
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