SMEW 2024


Keynote Session: SMEs and Automation - Overcoming complexity and challenges during and after implementation.

05 Jun 2024
Drives & Technology Theatre

The UK manufacturing industry is evolving significantly when it comes to the adoption of Automation and Robotics. However, based on companies' needs and processes this path can become quite complex and bring several obstacles, especially for SMEs pursuing the Automation journey. This presentation will address how to address the complexities and challenges.

  • How can SMEs overcome the initial costs and uncertainties surrounding ROI when embarking on the journey of automation adoption?'

  • What strategies can SMEs employ to address rigidities within their business structures and bridge the gap in acquiring the necessary skills for successful automation implementation?'

  • In what ways can SMEs navigate the challenges of customisation and flexibility in their processes during and after the implementation of automation technologies, ensuring adaptability to evolving market demands?''

David Santos, Head of Manufacturing Engineering & Automation - Chelton
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