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Supply Chain Strength in Numbers: Building Local Communities & Mastering the Art of Networking!

06 Jun 2024
Design & Innovation Theatre

The global supply chain landscape is complex, but success can often be found closer than you think. In today's dynamic environment, fostering strong local communities is emerging as a key advantage for organisations across industries.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion where we'll explore the power of building connections within your region. Alongside ConeX founder, Sam Baynham, and industry experts from the ConeX community, we'll delve into:

The Challenges: We'll discuss the common roadblocks to successful supply chain collaboration, including fragmented networks, information silos, and limited visibility.

The Power of Local: Discover how fostering connections with local businesses, suppliers, and experts can unlock hidden potential in your supply chain. Learn how collaboration can lead to increased agility, enhanced problem-solving, and a more resilient ecosystem.

Building Your Community: We'll share practical strategies for building trust, fostering collaboration, and creating a thriving local network. This includes identifying the right groups to be a part of, mastering successful networking techniques, and the importance of saying "no" to maximise your time and resources.

Real-World Impact: See how local communities are driving success across diverse industries, from streamlined operations to innovative solutions.

This session is your chance to:

Gain insights and inspiration for building a stronger local supply chain ecosystem in your region.

Learn from industry experts and ConeX community members on effective networking strategies.

Discover the power of saying "no" to focus your efforts and maximise your impact.

Network with industry peers facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect, collaborate, and build stronger supply chains together!

Sam Baynham, Founder - ConeX Portal
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