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Sustainable Reconfiguration of Cyber-physical Systems in the Era of Industry 5.0

05 Jun 2024
Design & Innovation Theatre

In the context of the global market, characterized by its ever-changing dynamics driven by shifts in consumer preferences, the imperative for timely adaptations within the manufacturing sector to accommodate these fluctuating demands becomes evident. Conventional manufacturing processes have traditionally been conceived with a focus on mass production, rendering them less suitable for agile, flexible, and highly reconfigurable manufacturing paradigms. However, the advent of disruptions, stemming from both natural and human-induced factors, has markedly heightened the vulnerability of global supply chains. This increased susceptibility holds particular relevance for manufacturers within the United Kingdom, who find themselves inadequately prepared to navigate the repercussions of such transformations. This unpreparedness, should it persist, carries the potential to engender substantial financial ramifications for the national economy. It is in recognition of these multifaceted challenges and imperatives that we have embarked on a purposeful journey encompassing the twin transitions, thereby forging a crucial linkage between the realms of digital transformation and sustainability. Central to our mission is the bolstering of industry's regenerative facets, achieved through an augmentation of modeling capabilities and the tailoring of decision-making tools. This initiative is inherently directed towards the complex and dynamic nature of modern networked systems, necessitating a fundamental reevaluation of the production paradigm.

Our primary objective revolves around the creation of a novel production system, designed to complement existing manufacturing processes and supply chains. This innovative system is envisaged as a resilient and adaptive structure, capable of responding to the emergent complexities and uncertainties posed by future events.

The intent of this discourse is to unveil a strategic vision underpinning the twin transitions, accentuating both the challenges and opportunities that lie therein. Furthermore, this presentation shall offer a demonstrative insight into the reconfiguration of cyber-physical systems, exemplified by manufacturing systems and reverse supply chains, with a dedicated focus on the concurrent integration of sustainability considerations.

Jelena Milisavljevic Syed, Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing Systems - Cranfield University, School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing
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