SMEW 2024


Towards Smart Sustainable Manufacturing: Achieving Business Value with Industrial Metaverse

06 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre

The Industrial Metaverse is a new AI-based technology that enables manufacturers to virtualize product development, factory design, work process planning, and internal training and offer amazing new customer experiences. The potential is enormous and has many different applications. The technology not only drives cost savings on the operational side but also supports the sustainability agenda, as resource consumption can be optimized.

We define what the Industrial Metaverse is and provide insights into how to reap the benefits of this revolutionary technology. You can also look forward to learning more about how one of the world’s leading car manufacturers has achieved 30% cost savings in the construction of a new factory using the Industrial Metaverse.

Peter Hecht, Head of Marketing & Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Manager - T-Systems Northern Europe
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