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Transforming Asset Maintenance with Cloud Technology: Kingspan's Journey

06 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre
Key Learning Points:

Introduction to Cloud-Based CMMS: Learn about the essence of cloud-based CMMS and how it stands apart from traditional systems. The discussion will cover its advantages like enhanced accessibility, scalability, and real-time operational insights.

Kingspan's Implementation Path: Discover the criteria and considerations that led Kingspan to adopt ShireSystem by Elecosoft, focusing on overcoming initial challenges and the deployment strategy that ensured a successful transition.

Preventative Maintenance Advantages: Understand the importance of preventative maintenance in asset management and how cloud solutions elevate these efforts, enabling predictive approaches to reduce equipment failure and extend lifespan.

Efficiency and Cost Benefits: Insights into the significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions Kingspan achieved through optimized maintenance schedules and operational streamlining facilitated by their cloud-based CMMS.

Scalability and System Integration: Explore how cloud-based CMMS offers scalability, allowing businesses to adjust their maintenance management in line with growth, and how system integration supports a comprehensive asset management strategy.

Safety, Efficiency and Compliance: Understand how Kingspan enhanced safety compliance, improve accountability and work planning, and implemented an audit trail through the utilisation of the Permit to Work functionality.

Net-Zero targets: Insights into how to implement a robust framework for achieving net-zero objectives, creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible operation through paperless operations, equipment optimization, waste reduction and resource optimisation.

Future-Proofing Operations: Look into how cloud-based systems are ready to integrate with future technologies like IoT, AI, and machine learning, moving Kingspan towards true predictive maintenance.

Real-World Impact: Through Kingspan's case studies, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the tangible impacts of implementing a cloud-based CMMS, offering valuable insights for their own operational strategies.

This session is tailored for maintenance professionals, facility managers and tech enthusiasts keen on leveraging cloud technology for asset maintenance management. Participants will leave with a solid grasp of the benefits and strategic considerations of adopting a cloud-based CMMS, equipped with actionable insights from Kingspan's experience. Join us at Maintec to learn how transitioning to a cloud-based system like ShireSystem by Elecosoft can revolutionize asset maintenance.
Andrea Banfi, Product Manager - Elecosoft UK Ltd
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