Hayden Cotgrove

Hayden Cotgrove

Senior Product Designer, Envirobuild
Hayden is the Senior Product Designer at EnviroBuild, where he is responsible for the designing of new building materials or building material accessories with a smaller environmental impact than the traditional alternatives or than the previous iteration. He has responsibility across the whole design process for EnviroBuild, from concept development through to project delivery. He has successfully introduced innovative new products to the market, including a fire-resistant adjustable support pedestal that is capable of a lower minimum height than any other on the market which was recently patented, and an adaptable cladding and soffit system that can be used flexibly as the rainscreen cladding on a building's facade, or for collecting water as part of a drainage system on a balcony. He is also responsible for sustainability as a whole at the company, analysing the environmental impact across the entire company (including its products) to help make objective and informed decisions about how to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. Changes made due to his analysis and recommendation resulted in 1,600 tCO2e avoiding being emitted by the manufacture of EnviroBuild products in 2022, a 12% reduction. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2020 with a First Class Honours MEng in Design Engineering, and achieved his IEng with the IED a year later in 2021.