Nawaz Sumar

Nawaz Sumar

Chief Engineer – Data, Simulation & Modelling, PurpleSector

Naz is PurpleSector’s Chief Engineer of Data, Simulation and Modelling having spent much of the last 20 years at McLaren Racing. Starting out as a Software Engineer he moved on to become race strategist for Lewis Hamilton (including for McLaren’s last championship win), before becoming Team Leader for Aerodynamics Applications.
Naz’s last 5 years at McLaren Racing were spent as Head of Application Engineering where he led a new department of multiple teams of full-stack developers and data scientists with the mission to ensure McLaren Racing were pushing the advancement of software and data science and had the best-in-class digital toolset for analytics, modelling, operation and competition across car development and Formula 1 racing.

He now deploys his wealth of experience to help organisations find a competitive advantage through deployment of PurpleSector’s digital processes and tools, combined with a culture of continuous improvement and high performance teams.