Patricia Ashman

Patricia Ashman

Associate Head of Future Transport Engineering, Coventry University

Patricia is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer with a diverse global background in the Automotive, Rail, and Steel Industries. Transitioning into a leadership role in engineering academia at Coventry University, she is dedicated to cultivating industry-ready graduates equipped to tackle society's Grand Challenges. With a focus on themes including sustainable transport, design innovation and renewable energies, Patricia specialises in future mobility and transport. She has a keen interest in navigating the ethical dilemmas shaping our evolving society. In her spare time Patricia enjoys decompressing in nature and paddleboarding the waterways of the UK.

Patricia invites new contacts from industry to explore ways they can work with her students and graduates in Automotive, Aerospace, Motorsport, and Electrical and Electronic engineering. Paticia believes in the infinity loop of ‘Industry helping Students helping Industry’