Tim Crowe

Tim Crowe

Ceo & Co-Founder, WrxFlo

Tim Crowe, WrxFlo’ s Co-Founder, CEO, and an Engineer by profession, spent most of his career designing, building, and running manufacturing at Dell. Over the last decade, he leveraged this expertise, enhancing his knowledge in software development, Data architecture and IT to enable global supply chains.  

As CEO of Wrxflo, Tim leads a team of Engineers and Software Developers that offers extensive operations experience to solve problems across global supply chains identifying and addressing gaps in both process, data, and system functionality.  

The company excels in connecting and maximising the value of data that exists through various business systems, including ERP’s, MES, CRM, Logistics systems and equipment, building customised solutions to deliver missing functionality, optimising efficiency throughout the supply chain yielding 40-50% capacity improvements and significant cost reductions as results.