Content Theatres

Our Keynotes, Solution Theatres, Summits and Masterclasses are created especially to bring professionals and subject matter experts from all areas of manufacturing together to talk and exchange information, ideas, and experiences. On both live days, the event offers a great opportunity to network, explore, and learn the most recent information, trends, innovations, challenges, and answers to burning questions.

Theatres scheduled for 2024 include:

8x Solution Theatres

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week is home to a variety of distinct Solution Theatres, each focused on different areas of the manufacturing & engineering lifecycle. Our comprehensive schedule of free-to-attend presentations in the Solution Theatres are delivered by manufacturing and technology experts.

For 2024, our content theatres are:

  • Digital Transformation
  • IIoT & Connectivity
  • Industrial Data & AI
  • Innovation
  • Maintenance
  • Drives & Technology 
  • Air-Tech Solutions
  • Fluid Power & Systems

Take a look below at a preview of our 2024 educational content.




Manufacturing Digitalisation Summit

Manufacturing Digitalisation Summit brings together the UK’s most senior digital-minded manufacturers. The event provides an opportunity for industry leaders to come together to discuss how digital technologies and processes (such as IT/OT convergence, AI, machine learning, IoT, 5G, digital twins, automation and advanced analytics) can improve their competitiveness and profitability, as well as reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Industrial Data Summit

Industrial Data Summit is the UK’s most senior gathering of manufacturing data professionals – created to ensure that data-minded manufacturers can come together for the sixth year to talk about the role of data and analytics in their business. 

Now more than ever, manufacturers need to be able to access, understand and query their data to improve efficiency, reduce costs and embed a culture of data-driven decision making.


data summit

robotics summit

Manufacturing Automation & Robotics Symposium

New for 2024, the Manufacturing & Robotics Automation symposium will bring together operations, automation & control and manufacturing professionals to discuss the latest automation and robotics opportunities, and actionable solutions to industry challenges. 

More info coming soon...

IfM Masterclasses

Within the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) Theatre, IfM Masterclasses were designed to challenge and extend your thinking in relation to some of the most pressing challenges you and your organisation face. Using research and frameworks developed at the University of Cambridge, visitors could gain practical insights and recommendations to take back to their businesses.