Made Smarter Innovation Showcase

Revolutionising UK Manufacturing: The Made Smarter Innovation Challenge

Launched in 2020, the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge is a key player in the government's Industrial Strategy Fund (ISCF). Its mission was to propel the UK's manufacturing sector into the future by harnessing the power of industrial digital technologies (IDTs). 

The goals were clear: 

· Sustainability Leadership: Boosting the industry's environmental footprint through increased resource reusability, reduced waste, and lower carbon emissions. 

· Economic Powerhouse: Driving a £2.3 billion rise in Gross Value Added (GVA), creating high-skilled jobs, and propelling a 30% productivity increase. 

· Manufacturing Redefined: Achieving a 4.5% decrease in carbon emissions and a 25% reduction in manufacturing waste, solidifying the UK's position as a global leader in sustainable, efficient manufacturing. 

made smarter

made smarter

made smarter

made smarter

Investing in Innovation, Delivering Results 

Over the past four years, the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge has poured over £120 million in funding into more than 60 groundbreaking projects. This investment has spurred an additional £130 million+ from industry partners, fostering a collaborative ecosystem of innovation. 

The Made Smarter Innovation Showcase at Smart Factory Expo this year will be a testament to these achievements. It will feature: 

  • Success Stories: Discover how the Challenge has empowered businesses to push the boundaries of manufacturing. 
  • Industry Leaders: Meet and learn from some of our esteemed partners 

Join us at the forefront of manufacturing and meet the innovators 

Visit the Made Smarter Innovation Showcase to witness how Innovate UK and its partners are revolutionising UK manufacturing. Together, we're shaping a future that's sustainable, productive, and globally competitive. 

Organisations joining us at the Showcase will include;

Edge Methods Limited, Photocentric Limited, Machine Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing Data Hub, Devtank, Accenture, Intellium, SupplyVue, Deep Meta, Value Chain, Codegate, NBT Group Limited, Consus Fresh Solutions Ltd, Advanced Materials Development, Digital Supply Chain Hub, Kavida, Reserve Resources, Riskoa, Dialog, Technical Simulation Consultants, Matta Labs, Batch Works, HAL Robotics, Smart Cobotics Research Centre, Output Industries, AMIC, TotalControlPro, Flowlens, Digital Medicines Manufacturing Research Centre, Edge Digital, Materials Made Smarter Research Centre, Research Centre for People Led Digitalisation, InterAct, University of Warwick, Research Centre for Connected Factories. 

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