Visitor trails

Let us navigate you through the show with our specially designed visitor trails

This year, Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week is going to help you meet the most relevant companies to your business.

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week is bigger and better this year and to help visitors navigate the presentations and exhibitors most relevant to them, we're introducing a new feature called 'Visitor Trail' to make the most out of your visit at the show!

What is a Visitor Trail?

A pathway for visitors to discover the enabling capabilities of Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week’s exhibitors and sponsors – a fresh approach to mapping exhibitor capabilities (and a lot easier than reading through all the listings in the show directory!).

These Visitor Trails cover the following areas:

•  Automation & Robotics
•  Sustainability
•  Industrial Data & AI
•  Product Innovation & Design
•  Digital Transformation Beginner
•  Digital Transformation Advanced
•  Process Manufacturing
•  Discrete Manufacturing
•  SMEs

If you are interested in being part of a visitor trail as an exhibitor

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visitor trail