Exhibitor Manual A-Z


If you are involved in or witness an accident or near miss whilst on site, please report it to the Organisers Office immediately.


The Manufacturing and Engineering Expo has appointed Event Express as the official hotel agent for the event and has arranged special rates for exhibitors attending the event. Please click here to visit their booking page.


Your display equipment can be stored in advance of the show and delivered directly to your stand on build-up days. For further details and costs on the Advance Warehousing option please contact:

 Premier Showfreight

E: joanne@premiershowfreight.com

T: 020 3256 1270


Any supply of alcohol at the show must be agreed and licensed by the venue. Selling alcohol for consumption at the show is not permitted.  However, if you wish to provide samples for tasting or to sell unopened bottles for consumption off site, you must apply via the form below. The maximum sample size permitted is as below:

Soft and hot drinks

50ml (1.75fl oz)

Beers, ciders and similar

50ml (1.75 fl oz)

Wine, fortified wine, Champagne and alcopops and similar

25ml (0.9 fl oz)

Spirits and similar

5ml (0.18 fl oz)

Intent to Supply Alcohol Form 


Detection dogs and assistance dogs are permitted entry to the show. You must make sure that the dogs remain on your stand with the exception of water / food and rest breaks.

Exhibitors with detection canines are not permitted to bring onto site explosives, drugs, firearms or soak training aids or pseudo target scent material.

For all companies bringing animals to the event you must declare this on your health and safety and risk assessment for the event and must be discussed beforehand with the event organisers.

Dogs should not be left in vehicles or in circumstances that would cause them distress and handlers should be able to produce relevant documentation regarding the animal welfare issues.

If you plan to have Dogs or any other animal(s) on your stand, you must apply for permission via the organisers, as there are licensing implications and the City Vet’s approval will be required.

E: Lesley Stevenson

T: 020 8947 9177


AudioVisual (AV) equipment is available to hire for the duration of the show from the Show's official supplier EventPro

It may or may not be possible to fix a flat screen to the wall of your stand, depending on its construction – if in doubt please contact  please contact EventPro for advice before making your selection. A technician will be available on-site to assist with any difficulties that may arise for those exhibitors using the official AV contractor.

You can order AV directly online from EventPro.

Order Online Password uk (lower case)

View Prices & Products 

Contact: Carl Wilkes 

T: 01827 250500



All personnel working in the hall must wear identity badges provided by the Organiser. Badges must be worn at all times during the build- up, breakdown and the open period of the exhibition. Security staff will have instructions to deny access to the hall to any person not wearing the relevant badge. No children under the age of 16 will be allowed into the hall for the duration of the event including build up and breakdown times.


Personalised badges are valid for the duration of the exhibition, including build-up, breakdown and the open period will be emailed directly to you for you to print and bring onsite. These provide access to the exhibition and associated floor workshops and live demonstrations.

Contractors will be issued with wristbands at the loading doors. ID will be asked for, so please ensure all staff are briefed in advance of arrival to the halls.


If you are using helium-filled balloons on your stand, please make sure they are secured, as charges for recovery will be incurred if any float to the roof. It is preferable that you remove any helium cylinders from the venue before the show opens. However, if it is necessary for you to have a supply on your stand during the show, only one cylinder will be permitted at any time and this must be secured in an upright position. Please notify the organisers, as checks will need to be made by the venue’s fire and safety officer.

Lesley Stevenson

T: 020 8947 9177


With effect from 1st July 2021, exhibitors and contractors coming to the UK from Europe may be required to apply for a frontier work permit. This permit let’s you come to the UK to work whilst living elsewhere.

For further details and to apply from the frontier work permit please visit the following website: https://www.gov.uk/frontier-worker-permit


Overhead banners are permitted above your stand. These will be positioned 6m from the floor to the underside of the banner. Overhead banners are rigged by the NEC and will be required by them 14 days before show open. You may supply your own banner, or contact Lesley Stevenson for a quote.

Lesley Stevenson

T: 020 8947 9177

For rigging quotes please contact the NEC

E: Technicalsales@thenec.co.uk.


Download the Exhibition Timetable.

Exhibitors and Contractors  are asked to adhere to the relevant times for build-up stated for your size stand and to be vigilant once exhibits have been brought into the hall.

Please follow the advice of the traffic marshals, who are there to ensure that everyone can load and unload as quickly as possible.

For health and safety reasons breakdown cannot commence until all visitors have left the hall.

It will not be possible for exhibitors to exit via the main doors once the show has closed. The nominated fire exits must be used. Trolleys and goods are not allowed in the foyer at any time.

Please note that our security staff will not allow any exhibitors to remove boxes or packages from the hall before the show closes. Please do not start to pack up your stand until you hear the show close announcement – it is discourteous to visitors still remaining in the hall and is also a health & safety risk to dismantle your stand early. We ask for your cooperation in presenting a safe and professional environment for our visitors.

Once you have loaded/unloaded your vehicle, it must be removed from the loading areas near the doors, in order to make room for others.


Goods can be delivered to the halls from 08:00 hours on Monday 6th of June for Space Only Exhibitors and from 08:00 hours on Tuesday 7th of June for Shell Scheme and Space Only Exhibitors.

If you require a forklift during this period please pre-book this service otherwise we cannot guarantee unloading of your goods. Booked cargo will have priority to be unloaded according to the move in schedule. This is very important and as there is limited access for vehicles in the unloading area, we also suggest you may want to consider Premier Showfreight to collect your items or you deliver them to the advanced warehouse as this would avoid delays with your vehicle at the show site, please see the details of this service under advance warehousing.


Carpets will be laid throughout for the Shell Scheme and Enhanced Shell Scheme exhibitors. The carpet for the shell and enhanced shell scheme stands will be Slate. For exhibitors wanting to order an alternative colour, this can be done at an additional cost directly from our official event contractor EXHIBIT 3SIXTY.


Space only stands will be responsible for organising and fitting their own flooring and for removing it. 

Please note, any tape used in the venue must be an ‘NEC approved product’ and to prevent damage to the floor/damage charges it must be supplied by one of the two companies below:

Le Mark Self Adhesives  ISA Tape 

Official Contractor

TEL: 02476 473 663

E: sales@exhibit3sixty.co.uk




Catering facilities will be open to both exhibitors and visitors for the duration of the show. Facilities will also be available during Build-up and Breakdown. If you require food/drinks for your stand during the show days, you can place an order direct with the NEC.

View on stand catering menus

T: 0844 338 8338


During the build-up period, open days and breakdown, no person under the age of 16 will be admitted to the exhibition including children of exhibitors. They will not be admitted to the event under any circumstances.

There are NO crèche facility at the event.


The Organisers will provide a pre-clean of all stands prior to show open, and then on the open days will provide daily cleaning of the halls, the gangways and carpets on the stands. Exhibitors and contractors are reminded that it is their responsibility for the removal of all stand fitting materials including crates prior to show opening. The cleaning of exhibits is not included. Charges will be made direct to the exhibitor for the removal of excess waste.

After the first and second day of the exhibition, the stands will be vacuumed but it is the responsibility of the stand holders to ensure that the stand is left clean and tidy for the following day. Please leave general rubbish in bags in the gangway after the show has closed each day for collection.

Any materials or products left in gangways will be deemed rubbish and disposed of, for any materials removed from the gangways by accident the organisers are not held responsible.


There are cloakroom facilities situated between Halls 6 & 7. Items can be deposited at a charge of £1 per item. Cloakrooms are open 30 minutes prior to the event opening and close when the event closes.

Please note items cannot be left in the cloakroom overnight.


Please ensure that your stand is staffed at all times during the open period of the show and that your exhibits remain displayed during the show open hours. In order that no discourtesy is shown to last minute visitors to the show and that no health and safety risk is caused, dismantling of your stand cannot commence before the show closes and all visitors have left the hall.


At the NEC there are columns and beams, forming part of the venue structure, that may fall wholly or partially in your allocated space. Exhibitors are not permitted to attach items to these building structures however you may clad around it.


There are no compressed air facilities within the hall. If you require this service a temporary supply will have to be ordered via the venue for which there will be an additional cost. Please contact the NEC  for more information.


If you are employing a contractor to build or design the interior of your stand, please ensure that they receive a copy of this manual. They must also adhere to the venue’s rules and regulations, which are contained in the e- Guide

If you are employing a contractor to build your stand, it is essential that your contractor is fully aware of relevant forms and deadlines and their responsibilities under all Health & Safety legislation.

Please ensure a copy of this manual is sent to them, alternatively if you would like us to send a copy onto your contractor please contact us and we will be happy to send your contractor the relevant information.

All plans and associated health & safety and risk assessments must be provided by 28th of April 2022. All queries concerning space only stands should be directed to:

20-20 Events 

E: dave@20-20events.com


Premier Showfreight Ltd are the official contractor. They provide exhibition transportation, custom clearance and on-site handling services.


E: Joanne@premiershowfreight.com

TEL:  020 3256 1270


Information coming soon


We strongly recommend that all shipments are packed and marked correctly – all items to be delivered into the venue must be clearly marked. Deliveries will only be accepted during tenancy times and any early deliveries will not be accepted by the NEC. On the breakdown night all items must be removed that night and cannot be left for collection the next day.


Stand Name
Hall/Stand Number
Exhibitor Mobile Number
Show Name
B40 1NT

It is recommended that contractors/drivers/exhibitors bring their own trolleys to transport goods to and from their stands. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to load and unload and thereby assist the free flow of traffic.

During Build up ONLY all vehicles unloading, whether cars or lorries, need to obtain in advance an Event Delivery Pass using the NEC on-line delivery system powered by Voyage Control, the link for which can be found here Please note that this includes ALL deliveries on an open day.

When you arrive on site, follow the digital directional signs to the relevant lorry park for The Manufacturing and Engineering Week. Drive in and show your pre-booked printed pass. Your printed pass will need to be displayed on your dashboard to allow you through the security gate into the inner area and left visible for the duration of your stay. Without this you will incur delays. 

Any deliveries to your stand on show open days must be completed and your vehicle removed from the loading areas no later than half an hour before the show opening time. The venue will not allow the show to open if vehicles are blocking fire exit routes and trolleys are not permitted on the exhibition floor during open hours in consideration of public safety.

If you are expecting goods to be delivered by courier, please ensure that they are aware of the dates of the show and hall opening times. Deliveries made before the show is in tenancy will not be accepted by the venue.

PLEASE NOTE all deliveries to the venue must be received by a member of your stand staff or your contractors or must be pre-booked to be received at the courier reception service offered by Premier Showfreight

If you choose not to use the courier service then someone must be available to meet your delivery, the organisers are unable to accept deliveries on your behalf. The organiser will not accept financial liability for such items.

No deliveries can be made to the venue prior to the Monday 6th of June, however you can arrange delivery/storage with Premier Showfreight

Movement of Deliveries: Premier Showfreight are the appointed handling contractor for the event and will control all storage and lifting services operating inside the venue, therefore if you have a large delivery please contact Premier Showfreight directly to discuss your requirements.


Premier Showfreight

E: joanne@premiershowfreight.com

TEL: 020 3256 1270


Exhibitors wishing to operate machinery or carry out mechanical demonstrations at their stand must ensure that this does not constitute a fire or safety hazard or interfere with the activities of visitors or other exhibitors. All moving parts must be guarded and controls sited beyond public reach. The organisers reserve the right to curtail practice, which they consider dangerous or detrimental to the show. Noise levels must be kept below 50 decibels and not cause annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors and/or visitors. In the case of dispute, the organisers decision is always final. We reserve the right to disconnect the stand power.

All demonstrations MUST be included within your risk assessment. 

If, in doubt, please contact the organisers on:

E: Lesley Stevenson

TEL: 020 8947 9177


Exhibitors are responsible for all panels, walls, columns, flooring, shell scheme and enhanced shell scheme goods within their stand area and any damages will be made good at the exhibitor’s expense.

The venue management will charge for any damage made to the walls, floors, paintwork, carpeting and other facilities. Therefore exhibitors must protect the walls, flooring and fabric of the hall from damage at all times, particularly when moving materials or equipment and if painting or using other fluids on site.

Notices must not be affixed to the fabric or the building without prior permission. Sticky fixers, Blue tack, Sellotape must not be used on painted surfaces. Under no circumstances must cables, wires etc. be attached or affixed directly to the walls or ceilings in the main exhibition areas. All Exhibitors need to be self-sufficient with regards to use and provision of equipment and the rigging/de-rigging of display material.

All exhibits and stand fitting material including carpet tape must be removed from the venue, for any items which the events official cleaners have to dispose of, charges will be made to the individual company. We take no liability for any loss of anything if left behind on site.

Please also ensure that you have adequate insurance cover in place to cover you for any damage, loss, public & private liability.


Please ensure that you consider accessibility to your products and services for disabled people when designing your stand. This may include (but not exclusively) providing wheelchair access ramps, induction hearing loops, low level desks, transaction aids and appropriate signage.

Useful information on accessible stand designs is contained in the e-Guide.


Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 came into effect on 1 October 2004. The organiser  is committed to the implementation of the Act at all their exhibitions. Manufacturing and Engineering week is dedicated to the provision of good customer service for all our exhibitors, contractors and visitors. Therefore it is important that our contractors and exhibitors understand their responsibilities under the Act.

There are three principal duties under the Act:

1.     to provide a disabled person with the service that it provides to others

2.     the service must be provided on the same terms

3.     the service must be provided to the same standard

Changes and adjustments that are made must be ‘reasonable’ and reasons for making, or not making, changes and adjustments must be ‘reasonable’. Exhibitions are an important environment because they are often brand and industry showcases and therefore negative media coverage due to unreasonable behaviour under the DDA would not be wise. Furthermore, disabled visitors are part of a valuable and growing market segment which should be catered for.

Tips for Exhibitors and Contractors:

  • Access to exhibits must be available to all visitors

  • Double Deck Stands must replicate facilities or exhibits on both levels of the stand. (This could be in the form of detailed literature and visuals or video footage.)

  • Platforms must have ramps. Portable ramps which are put in position temporarily to provide access are acceptable.

  •  Doors must be wide enough for wheelchair access (750mm min. requirement) and have vision panels.

  • Wheelchair users can only reach 1.4m and therefore low level counters (760mm) or lap trays should be used. Alternatively, staff can assist, but this should be clearly signposted.

  •  If it is ‘unreasonable’  to provide  access for  disabled  visitors,  alternative  access  could  be  in the form of detailed literature and visuals or video footage.

  • Information and literature must be printed clearly and available in alternative formats such as enlarged, tactile or audio

  • Presentations must have transcripts or subtitles, be well lit and have access for wheelchairs

  • Signage must be positioned where it is visible to all visitors and a minimum of 16 point

  • Staff should be briefed on their responsibilities and trained to assist disabled visitors

This list is not exhaustive and must be used as a guide only. If you require further information please see below.

 Useful equipment such as portable ramps, loop hearing systems, pen grips etc. can be purchased through the Access Support Group.

Access Support Group Disability
Disability Rights Commission
Royal National Institute of the Blind


Exhibitors may not distribute any material whatsoever for any reason except within the boundary of their own stands or, where sponsorship has been agreed, and then only within the terms of that sponsorship arrangement.


All Space Only exhibitors are required to submit detailed plans of their stand for approval. Please provide details as soon as possible and by the deadline of 28 April 2022 

When uploading files please make sure that each file is clearly marked with the Exhibitor Name and Stand number.

For any queries please contact:

20-20 Events

E: info@2020events.com



All electrical installations must comply fully with the NEC Rules and Regulations and BS7671, 17TH edition IEE regulations of which the following is a brief summary:



Electrical fittings should be ordered from the appointed contractor on the official order form in this manual.

All electrical equipment and exhibits must be guarded to prevent accidental contact with live terminals. Items intended for use on stands must be PAT tested and labelled accordingly.

Electrical cables must not be run under carpet or up stand fitting support posts. Cables on the floor which may be walked on must be protected by conduit or with protective ramping (tape is not acceptable). All other wiring below 2.4 metres must be protected in PVC or metal tubing.

In the event of electrical failure, please report this to the organisers’ office.


Light fittings must be secured using clips or heavy-duty electrical ties and earth bonded appropriately.

Light fitting flex must not be draped across the ceiling grid (if applicable), or left hanging in coils or wrapped around any part of a metal structure. Cable ties must be used to secure flex to the structure.

Spotlights/floodlights/halogen lamps, etc must be guarded and mechanically fixed, so as to prevent risk of injury to persons.

All lighting must be kept at least 300mm away from muslin/fabric ceilings and other combustibles.

Lighting circuits must not exceed 1,000 watts. They must not be looped or connected to power circuits.

Heavy fittings (over 1 kg) require a secondary means of support.

Socket Outlets

Only one 4-way extension lead may be connected to a 500w socket outlet and the maximum length of lead permitted is 2 metres.

Extension leads must not be plugged into other extension leads (commonly known as ‘daisy-chaining’).

Block adaptors and drum reel extension cables must not be used.


Electrical Safety Tips


All on-site electrical work must be carried out by a qualified, competent person and inspected by the appointed electrical contractor prior to energizing.

EXHIBIT3SIXTY are the exclusive electrical contractor for space only, shell scheme and enhanced shell scheme stands.

If you have opted for a shell scheme stand then your package already comes with power supply but if you require additional items they have a comprehensive range of electrical services for hire and installation offering an extensive range of light fittings and flexible power supplies.


Connection of power to stands

During build-up, initial connections to stands are made as early as possible; however, space only exhibitors/contractors are advised that stand power will not be available for actual stand construction at the start of build.

If a supply is needed at the start of build then a temporary supply must be ordered for use during build-up and breakdown, if required. Use of the venue’s electrical sockets is not permitted and cables must not cross gangways. Once power has been energized during build-up, it will be switched off each night, including the pre-open night. If you need power overnight, you will need to order a 24-hour supply.

Power to your stand will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes each day and will not be switched back on until the following morning. If you require 24hour power, please arrange this with the electrical contractor. On the last open day, power will not be switched back on under any circumstances, due to the hazards presented during the breakdown of stands. If you need a supply beyond this time, please arrange this with the electrical contractor.

For any questions or queries please contact:


T:02476 473 663


Emergency procedures for the NEC can be found here.

Please ensure that all your stand personnel are aware of these procedures.


All Shell Scheme stands will be fitted with a fascia board carrying your company name and stand number.The details for the fascia board will be taken from your exhibitor listing on the website.

If you require a different name, please submit your details using the name board order form and email it to:

Download Fascia Board Form

Email to: sales@exhibit3sixty.co.uk


The following regulations are included in the e-Guide http://www.aev.org.uk/eGuide and must be complied with by all contractors and exhibitors. They do not apply to exhibits:

 All materials used in the construction of stands features and displays, including signs and fascias, shall be:

  •  of a suitable nature and quality for the purposes and conditions of their intended use

  • adequately prepared and fixed in order to adequately perform the functions for which they are designed

  • non-combustible, inherently non-flammable or durably flameproof in accordance with BS476-Part 7

  • water-based, where applicable, e.g. adhesives and paint

British Standards are the minimum acceptable standards for construction materials. Suitable samples of materials may be submitted to the venue for approval. Materials may be tested on site to ensure that they comply.


The NEC hall floors, including duct covers and the floor above the tunnels or other subways can withstand a loading of 20 tonnes per square metre (2 tonnes per square foot)

The floor loadings as detailed MUST NOT be exceeded. 


Goods can be delivered to the halls from 08:00 hours on the 6 June for Space Only Exhibitors and from 08:00 hours on the 7 June for Shell Scheme and Space Only Exhibitors.

If you require a forklift during this period please pre-book this service otherwise we cannot guarantee unloading of your goods. Booked cargo will have priority to be unloaded according to the move in schedule. This is very important as there is limited access for vehicles in the unloading area. To book your forklifts please contact Premier Showfreight.

Premier Show Freight
Joanne Curtis
T: 020 3256 1270


If you are importing any exhibits or displays for your stand from overseas you will need to ensure that you have customs and excise clearance. Our appointed logistics contractor can assist you with all customs formalities and provide you with further information regarding the importing of goods. It is recommended that arrangements are put in place as soon as possible. 

Premier Showfreight
Joanne Curtis
T: 020 3256 1270


Exhibit3sixty have been appointed as the exclusive Furniture Hire company for this event for Space Only, Shell Scheme and Vehicle stands. If you require additional items they have a comprehensive range of furniture for hire.

For full details please visit their website.

View and order furniture



Exhibitors may only conduct business on their own stands.

In order to help us ensure that we comply with the licensing authority and venue regulations, all gangways at the show must be kept clear at all times, including during build-up, the open period and breakdown.

Exhibits, furniture and other items belonging to your stand must not encroach beyond the boundary of your stand space. This is to ensure that escape routes are unobstructed in case of an emergency evacuation.

If you have any displays or activities which are likely to attract an audience, please ensure that you plan your stand layout to allow people to gather within the stand area and not in the gangways.


Exhibitors are responsible for their own GDPR/Privacy policy. For more information please click here.


For further information about branding your stand or for production of promotional graphics please contact our official contractor Exhibit3Sixty.
Shell Scheme stands can be branded and ready for your arrival.

View Shell Scheme branding ideas


T:02476 473 663



Appointed contractors should carry out all work in good time and you should not be asked for any sort of gratuity to obtain priority service. If monies are solicited, please inform the Organisers immediately.


Please consider the safety of your staff and visitors to the show when planning the layout of your stand. Hazardous items, such as knives and hot equipment must be set back from the stand and out of reach of the public. Guards will be required to shield anything emitting heat and any machinery or other equipment which may present a hazard to visitors. The use of real flame (e.g. candles) must be agreed in advance of the event.


If you intend to use any chemicals, you must notify the organisers and supply a COSHH assessment, in order to comply with the venue’s regulations. The COSHH regulations must be adhered to.

Click here for further details


As an exhibitor, it is your legal and moral responsibility as far as reasonably practicable to ensure the health, safety and welfare of everyone sharing your work site at the exhibition.

All exhibitors must complete the forms which are applicable to their stand type, please note any exhibitor failing to complete these forms will not be able to dress or build their stand.

The forms should be returned by the 28 April for all exhibitors.


A permit issued by the venue’s safety team is required for any hot work, such as grinding, cutting and welding to be carried out on site. Contractors should contact the organisers in the first instance to request a permit.

T: 020 8947 9177


Please note that our Terms and Conditions require all exhibitors to hold a minimum £2,000,000 limit of Public Liability insurance. This protects you against legal claims for accidental injury to third parties and/or for damage to third party property. This is not the same as Employers’ Liability insurance. You may already have Public Liability insurance, however not all business policies cover events taking place outside your business premises. If in doubt you should consult your insurance provider.

If you would like to arrange cover for your company our recommended broker is:


T: +44 (0) 173 242 4286

M: +44 (0) 783 415 8074

E: mark.blair@inevexco.co.uk

Web: www.inevexco.co.uk


The NEC is Wi-fi enabled and this service is now provided free of charge and is considered by the venue to be sufficient for checking emails or low level browsing. Access is granted once Wi-Fi Registration is complete.

However, It is recommended that exhibitors requiring an internet connection on their stand for showing videos, demonstrating products etc are advised to purchase a more advanced connection, which would give a more dedicated bandwidth with increased download speeds. This type of connection is charged per event and can be pre-ordered.

Order Hardwire


Premier Showfreight are the appointed handling contractor for the event and will control Forklift Trucks operating inside the venue, therefore if you have a large delivery please contact Premier Showfreight directly to discuss your requirements. Please ensure that you pre-book any lifting or handling services.

E: joanne@premiershowfreight.com

T:020 3256 1270


Lost Property should be handed into the Organisers Office or Control Centre without delay. Any lost property handed in to control will be logged and kept for 7 days. Enquiries regarding lost property can be made directly to the NEC: 0121 780 4141.


It is not possible to make announcements to exhibitors or visitors during the open days of the exhibition.


Maintenance work must be carried out in the morning between the hours of 08:00 – 08:45 or after the close of the show by prior arrangement with the organisers. No maintenance will be permitted during the open hours.


If you are intending to use a night sheet on your stand, this must consist of non-flammable material, or be treated to render it non-flammable. Please also ensure that you leave a duplicate key at the organisers office, so that the cleaners may gain access to your stand.

Night sheets must be firmly rolled up and secured, if left on the stand during the day, so as not to cause any obstruction.


Please note that any audio & video presentation or practical demonstrations in the halls must be maintained less than 50 dB as measured at the perimeter of your stand. Please plan your stand’s sound system carefully so that speakers are directed only on to your own stand and set at volume levels that will not annoy adjacent exhibitors. In the case of dispute, the organisers decision is always final. We reserve the right to disconnect the stand power.


The venue has parking facilities. Each stand will receive 2 complimentary car parking passes for the duration of the show. You will need to show your exhibitor badge on exiting the car park to qualify for free parking. You can collect your car parking passes from the Organisers office on your arrival.


If you wish to play pre-recorded music on your stand, you will need to apply for a Phonographic Performance license (PPL) and Performing Rights Society (PRS) license. If live music is being performed, you will only require a PRS license.

Please ensure that music and commentary for demonstrations, videos, presentations etc., are kept at a level which does not interfere with neighbouring stands. You must obtain a license from the Performing Rights Society to cover composers’ royalties. All details must be supplied directly to the society.

For further information please contact:

Performing Rights Society  Tel: +44 (0) 207 306 4504

29/33 Berners Street       Fax: +44 (0) 207 306 4550


Information coming soon


All rigging must be undertaken by the NEC Rigging Team.

E: Technicalsales@thenec.co.uk 

T: 0844 3388 338

PLEASE NOTE: It is not permitted for exhibitors to rig banners in the hall without prior permission of the organisers. Please contact the Operations team.


As an exhibitor, it is your legal and moral responsibility as far as reasonably practicable to ensure the welfare of everyone sharing your work site at the exhibition.

It is a legal requirement that each exhibitor undertakes their own risk assessment prior to the event, listing the tasks to be undertaken, identifying any significant hazards they present on site, then listing ways to minimise and control those hazards. Exhibitors are otherwise liable to prosecutions and heavy fines.


If your stand is Shell Scheme and  there are no significant risks in relation to the displays or activities taking place on the stand, please complete our simple Risk Assessment Form. The construction of shell scheme stands will be assessed by the appointed contractor – Exhibit3Sixty.

Download Shell Scheme Risk Assessment Form 

Please return form to: operations@nineteengroup.com


Each space only exhibitor must also obtain a separate risk assessment and method statement from their principle contractor regarding their activities. To help you, we’ve included a sample risk assessment form and method statement at the back of this manual.

Exhibitors must also complete a fire risk assessment in order to comply with current legislation. For simple, shell scheme stands, this may be included as part of the stand risk assessment. Any stand which is a complex structure or space only stand on which large numbers of people could gather will need a separate fire risk assessment.

By law, a risk assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’, but it must also be simple to understand and implement.

Step 1: Identify the task/hazard 
What equipment, materials and chemicals will be used? How much noise and dust will there be? What is the weight loading limit? What vehicle movements and lifting operations should be considered? Do you need to schedule a ‘late working rota’ to avoid tiredness and mistakes? How are you disposing of waste? Do you have any electrical installations? What are the emergency procedures?

Step 2: Decide who could be harmed and how 
Who will be affected by your work and be most at risk? Think of your employees, contractors, exhibitors and visitors on or near your stand. Safe working depends on co-operation between all the companies on site. Take this into account and consider necessary precautions on every aspect of the work being carried out, which include training and the provision of information to all the different parties who are at risk.

Step 3: Evaluate the risks
Once you have done this adequately, you can then decide on the appropriate action. Ask yourself (a) Can the hazard be removed completely or the work done in a different way? (b) If the hazard cannot be eliminated, can it be isolated, controlled, or reduced? (c) Can protective measures be taken that will protect the entire workforce on site? Protective clothing should be the last resort and is often not the only solution.

Step 4: Record the findings
Write down the findings of your risk assessment. Pass on information about significant risks to those people identified in Step 2 and record the measures you have taken to control those risks for future reference.

Step 5: Review your findings
This allows you to learn by experience and take account of any unusual conditions or changes that occurred on site. Where stand building is involved (especially steelwork erection and lifting), the principal contractor should draw up a specific method statement and discuss it with the exhibitor in advance of the exhibition.

Key Risk Areas

This is by no means a comprehensive list but includes the main areas which normally give cause for concern. Please give the following your due consideration whilst on site and incorporate them into your risk assessment:

Only commercial equipment appropriate for the task must be used, including tools and ladders.

Lifting operations must only be carried out by the appointed contractors who have fully trained and qualified personnel. Craning operations must be cordoned off.

Hard hats must be worn at all times when in the vicinity of overhead working.

Vehicles (including forklift trucks) are to observe a 5-mph speed limit on the exhibition site and use a banksman when reversing. Beware of pedestrians at all times; they have right of way.

Where possible, use only 110v or battery-operated power tools. All portable tools are to be PAT tested prior to coming on site.

Only use machinery, especially bench saws, with the correct guards fitted.

Portable power tools and equipment must have the minimum length of trailing lead, if fitted, which must be protected from damage and not left so as to cause a trip hazard.

Children under the age of 16, the general public and animals, except security and assistance animals, (including inside cabs of vehicles) are not allowed on site during build-up and breakdown.

Schedule a late working rota to prevent tiredness and accidents.

Correct scaffolding must be used during the construction of any stands or structures, using safety features in accordance with British Standards. Tower scaffolds must be properly stabilised and propped.

Contractors must wear suitable personal protective clothing relevant to the task; this includes head, eye, hearing, feet and hand protection.

Understand the fire and emergency procedures. Notify your staff of the location of the first aid facility, fire exits and emergency assembly points.

Use and storage of flammable liquids and substances: Take note of the precautions (read the Safety Data Sheet) required for certain chemicals prior to use. Isolating them from waste and other risk areas is important. Chemicals and flammable liquids must be safely removed after use by the user and not placed in general rubbish bins or skips.

The work area must be maintained free from general waste materials which could present a hazard to operatives. All waste should be disposed of in the proper manner.

Fire equipment will be supplied for stands by the venue. All extinguishers should remain in the position in which they are placed and free from obstruction throughout the event. They are for use by venue and other trained staff only.

All exhibitors must complete a Risk Assessment 

Please note any exhibitor failing to complete these forms will not be able to dress or build their stand.

The forms should be returned by the 28 April.

For any questions concerning the forms please contact Lesley Stevenson 

Rules & Regulations

It is essential that you ensure that you comply with the venue’s regulations in all aspects of your participation at the event. These are contained in the e-Guide, which can be viewed at http://www.aev.org.uk/eGuide - These regulations are common to the main UK venues.


Security is provided for the duration of the event in line with the exhibition timetable. Please do not arrange for goods to be delivered to the hall before this time. Please assist us by wearing your exhibitor pass at all times.

Entry to the hall will not be permitted without a pass.

Please take account of the following security advice from the venue:

  • Make contact with the exhibition security company for advice on how to secure the items on your stand.

  • There may be an overnight secure store for valuable items.

  • Take home any valuable items each night if there are no secure storage facilities on site.

  • Do not leave your stand unattended at any time during build-up, the open period or the pull-out of the show.

  • Do not leave the hall until all visitors have gone each evening.

  • Do not position desirable items at the front of your stand, where you may not be able to keep an eye on them.

  • Ensure you have enough staff, so that the stand is not vulnerable to thieves and do not ask a neighbouring exhibitor to watch over your stand while you go for a break. They may become busy and not be able to keep an eye on your stand.

  • Remove all portable or valuable items from the stand on the evening the show closes. Do not leave them until the following day for collection.

  • Arrive in time for the show. Ensure your stand is staffed at least 15 minutes before show open time each day, but remember that the hall is open from 0800 hours.

  • Use a lockable cabinet to store your personal possessions during the show open hours. You should be able to hire one from the appointed furniture company.

  • Use a night sheet. If you have a shell scheme stand, you should be able to hire one from the stand fitting company.

  • Hire an alarm for your stand if you are exhibiting valuable or portable items. These should be available from the show security company.

  • If you are a victim of theft please report it immediately to the show security company.


It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to examine their allocated site in order to avoid adjustments to stand structures or displays, as variations in the floor level or obstructions cannot always be indicated on the floor plan. In your own interest you should also satisfy yourself as to the condition of the site before both erection and after clearance.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in the venue at any time, in accordance with legislation. External smoking areas are provided. If you are a smoker, please consider others and use only the designated areas.


The Organisers request that all space only exhibitors display their stand number and company name prominently to enable their stand to be identified from each adjacent gangway, thus helping visitors locate their position within the hall.


If you are considering a custom built stand we recommend:

C: Andy Pearce
T: 02476 473 663






If you are planning to use any special effects on your stand, you must inform the organiser as soon as possible. Special effects include lasers, strobe lights,  pyrotechnics and smoke machines. The information which will be required includes a risk assessment and full details of the operator and manufacturer. Certification from an independent specialist may also be required any costs associated with this will need to be covered by the exhibitor.


All stand construction must comply with the regulations contained in the e-Guide, which can be viewed at http://www.aev.org.uk/eGuide. These regulations are common to the UK’s main exhibition venues and are based on Building Regulations and British Standards.

One area which commonly raises issues is the construction of staircases on double-deck stands. Please ensure that the regulations stated in the e-Guide are followed, as deviations will not be permitted on site.

To avoid adjustments to stand structures or displays during build up, it is the exhibitors responsibility to check with the organisers that the site booked is clear of obstructions and height restrictions.  Occasionally  variations in the floor level or obstructions cannot always be indicated on the floor plan. In your own interest you should also satisfy yourself as to the condition of the site before both erection and after clearance.

Download Technical Plan

Any questions about your stand contact:

Lesley Stevenson

T: 020 8947 9177


All materials used for stand building and dressing must comply with the venue’s fire and safety regulations. Please see ‘Fire Regulations’ for details. These and other applicable regulations are also available at http://www.aev.org.uk/eGuide


If you have a space only stand, you must supply two sets of plans, including elevations and details of materials used, to 20-20 Events for approval and, so that we can ensure they meet the venue’s regulations.

The venue has certain height restrictions in place depending on your stand location, for space only stands please ensure that you have reviewed the height restriction section of this manual. 

In addition to the plans please submit health and safety declarations, risk assessments and method statements by 28 APRIL 

Please ensure each file is clearly marked with exhibitor name and stand number.

All space only stands will be inspected and certified by an independent structural engineer on site. They will only be allowed to trade once the engineer is satisfied that the structure is safe and has provided certification.

All space only exhibitors are required to construct freestanding partition walls between their own stand and adjoining stands. These must be to a minimum height of 2.5m. Where partitioning walls are constructed over 2.5m in height it is the responsibility of the exhibitor constructing the wall to dress the rear of the partition down to height of 2.5m in a neutral colour as agreed by the neighbouring exhibiting.

The maximum height limit for any form of standing fitting, lighting structures and/or graphics towers is dependent on your stand position within the hall – the height restrictions within the halls differ depending on location from the hall floor including platforms, use of banners, flags and balloons. Logos and branding are not permitted on the rear face of the partition walls when these walls overlook a neighbouring stand.

Open Frontages - Solid runs of stand walls exceeding 50% of the length along gangway edges are forbidden – walls should either have natural breaks, glazed panels or other such features. In addition, at least one third must be kept open.


There are no secure storage facilities at the NEC and Fire Regulations prohibit the storage of packaging behind or on stands (offending items are liable to be removed without warning by the Fire & Safety officers). Please ensure that your stand design makes provision for storage or you make arrangements with our official handling agent:

Premier Showfreight

E: Joanne Curtis

T:020 3256 1270



This Exhibitor manual forms part of the Terms and Conditions that you have agreed to on signing your contract. Please note that you may be excluded from occupying your stand if full payment has not been made by the opening of the event.


Trolleys are not provided at the venue, so please bring your own if you need one to deliver goods to your stand. Trolleys are only permitted on the exhibition floor outside show open hours for the safety of visitors.


All vehicles to be displayed on stands MUST be delivered to site by the latest 10:00 hours on 6 June. If this is not possible then we cannot guarantee that the vehicle will have access to the hall. If you are displaying a vehicle on your stand, specific regulations apply. These are available at http://www.aev.org.uk/eGuide.

Please liaise with Lesley Stevenson regarding delivery and collection times, as this will need to be planned carefully around the construction and dismantling of stands.

Lesley Stevenson

T: 020 8947 9177


At the end of the exhibition, you will be responsible for removal of all items including brochures, graphics panels and any other effects. Any items remaining on stands and rooms at the end of the event will be disposed of and a charge made to the company. If there is any waste left on-site post event then charges will be made to the exhibitor by the venue.


Water Features 

If you are exhibiting any product or feature which requires water and is capable of producing spray or droplets, it is essential that you adhere to the regulations contained in the eGuide http://www.aev.org.uk/eGuide in order to ensure that the risk of legionella bacteria is controlled. Any water feature MUST be written into your Risk Assessment.

Under no circumstances can connections be made to fire hydrant points and water must not be discharged onto the floors or into ducts but disposed of properly. Water and waste facilities can be ordered from the venue’s appointed service partner.

Water & Waste

If you require water and waste facilities please email the organisers. The venue’s sanitary facilities and service ducts must not be used to dispose of waste under any circumstances.


A person is working at height’ if there is a possibility of their being injured from falling, even if they are working at or below ground level.

The Working at Height Regulations refers to 'duty holders': employers, self-employed and employees. This includes all contractors and exhibitors (for example, when accessing areas above floor level to dress stands).

Duty holder’s responsibilities are to ensure that:

  • No work is done at height if it is safe and reasonably practicable to do it other than at height

  •  Ensure that the work is properly planned and organised, appropriately supervised and carried out in as safe a way as is reasonably practicable

  • Plans are in place for emergencies and rescue

  • A suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out and the significant findings recorded and acted upon

  •  They do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent anyone falling

  • All work at height takes account of conditions that could endanger health and safety

  • Those involved in work at height are trained and competent

  •  The place where work at height is done is safe

  • Equipment for work at height is appropriately inspected

  • The risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled

  • The risks from falling objects are properly controlled

Equipment used for work at height must be suitable for the task. All equipment must be industrial quality (including ladders; domestic quality ladders are not permitted).