Fluid Friday - Labour & Skills Shortage

Fluid Friday - February 16, 2024

Labour & skills shortage

Author: Chris Butcher, BFPA, Managing Director

For as long as I can remember, across all of the UK’s manufacturing sectors finding skilled labour has been a huge challenge. To this extent many of the British Fluid Power Association members (BFPA) have had to resort to literally “growing their own” employees and are working with their local schools, technical colleges and universities to attract the talent they need armed with the right skills and outlook. In addition, many manufacturers have introduced their own apprenticeship schemes.

This is a huge undertaking for our members and the BFPA is supporting them to bridge the skills gap by providing a wide range of training within its Learning & Development Programme. This programme gives access to both online and face-to-face training across all age groups.

Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week plays an important role in addressing this skills shortage as it brings together students aged 16 and above and manufacturers that are recruiting talent as well as partnering with youth focused organisations such as Engineers Without Borders which has chapters at all the major engineering universities in the UK. By creating a positive environment and allowing students to speak freely with businesses many of the inaccurate preconceptions about what a career in engineering actually constitutes can be overcome. A definite advantage to exhibiting businesses and the UK manufacturing and engineering sector alike.

The BFPA will be exhibiting and play host to a series of engaging training sessions at the event, which are open to all attendees. 

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