Our Sustainability Cafe

This year, we held a sustainability cafe, featuring PLC as our main supporting Partner.

PLC is the UK’s leading commercial energy and sustainability advisor, offering energy procurement, utility cost optimisation and legislative compliance for commercial, industrial and public-sector clients. They value their role in meeting the UK’s target and we will be net zero before 2050. The steps they’ve taken on their own carbon-reduction journey mean they’re ready to lead others towards adapting to a net zero economy. This year 

PLC conducted some benchmark research to find out how far businesses have progressed on their decarbonisation journey and when they expect to reach net zero.

With many businesses now aiming for net zero, the race is on when it comes to decarbonisation. Is your organisation leading the way, or lagging behind its competitors? 

Discover how your business’s decarbonisation action compares to its competitors in 2023!